Is the Pilot Shortage Real?(TESTE SEU ICAO)

Tim Davies is a flying instructor, public speaker and aviation consultant. He is also the author of the blog, where, among various other things, he discusses the controversial topic of pilots’ mental wellbeing.

In the final part of the interview with AeroTime, he discusses upcoming book, pilots in Hollywood movies and the future of aviation, and most importantly – can people on ground learn decision-making skills from aviators.

Some people say it’s not even the shortage of pilots, but shortage of pilots who are willing to fly in the conditions they are offered.

Yes. There are a lot of pilots who will fly, but not for the money that’s being offered by some airlines. And the airlines have made this themselves. The airlines have created this through their management themselves, they comprehensively refuse – in my opinion – to pay what they should pay for quality talent and quality taunt [31:27] and quality pilots. They get a lot of very young pilots in who are willing to fly because of prestige of the job, but what that means is you might not get the best pilots in and you might not get the pilots who want to stay in.

This generation – millennials – they don’t just want to have one job, they want to have quite a few jobs, because that’s what life is. Life is about variety. So, you don’t necessarily see in the Air Force any more a guy joining in his twenties and staying until he’s fifty. We see a guy joining in his twenties and then doing, maybe, seven years, whereas I have done twenty. Maybe in ten years’ time you won’t have two pilots in a cockpit.

You might just have one and a lot of automation. We are having cars like Tesla, the cars that are able to drive themselves. In aviation, you have to be very careful not to neglect this, because it is going to happen. We are going to have the planes that can fly themselves. How long do we keep insisting that we have two pilots in a cockpit? So it’s a very different career than when I went into twenty years ago.

Opponents argue that people won’t want to get on a plane without a pilot, because of the lack of trust of technology.

Yes, but remember – we don’t necessarily see train drivers anymore. Elon Musk is proving that his cars are safer driving themselves than they are having a person drive them. At the point at which it is understood that people aren’t driving their own cars [33:44] and cars that are driven via by computers. How long after that do we apply that to aviation? And I think we would be stupid not to, because we can automate a lot of these processes and we can make them a lot safer than they are now. The one problem in the aircraft –could indeed be the pilot.

And this is what I tend to write about: the problems that we all have and the biases that we all have and the problems that we think about. The automation of aviation may come sooner than we think. And why shouldn’t it, really? Maybe the pilot can get some and then wake up for the landing.

It’s just an idea.

Answer the following questions

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1)What are the main problems with pilot jobs today?

2) How do you propose we fix these problems?

3) To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement and why?The pilot shortage is real and it's here to stay.

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