12 Things Flight Attendants Can't fly without.

Flight attendant job is very dynamic and they always have to be prepared for the unexpected, therefore some essentials in their luggage never change.

Flight attendant in cabin

1. An Extra Pair Of Shoes

It is well known that flight attendants have to walk a lot. But how do they manage to do it with these heals? The secret Is that they have two pairs of shoes. They have one pair called “airport” or “terminal” shoes which are used for walking inside of the airport and during the departure and boarding. The other pair they name as an “in-flight” shoes. It refers to the ones used only during the flight explains Kelly Kincaid, who is a flight attendant and creator of a JetlaggedComic.

12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying 12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying

2. Personal Wi-fi Hotspot

Imagine traveling all around the world with a different team and different clients every day for weeks. Personal Wi-Fi hotspot becomes essential for every flight attendant not only when keeping in touch with friends and family but also when orientating yourself in unknown places.

3. Jacket

Cabin crew members can never know where life might take them today. Even if they have a schedule, it changes often and everything can happen. Therefore, they always take a jacket or at least a sweater.

4. Selfie Stick

It might seem a little bit strange to see a selfie stick among the essentials. Though flight attendants say it is always a part of their luggage because they often go sightseeing alone and this is this little tool allows taking the best pictures. This is exceptionally important because many flight attendants have blogs or Instagram accounts to share their journey with the world.

12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying Emirates Cabin Crew taking a selfie

5. Swimsuit

This is the same case as with a jacket. You can never know when you get to the beach and who would miss a chance to lie down and sunbathe a little bit after many hours of hard work?

6. Airborne

Cabin crew members meet hundreds of people every day, therefore, they have to take some measures in order to always stay healthy. One them is food supplies such as Airborne which let flight attendant be in a good shape and deliver the highest quality services.

7. A Good Book

“During my downtime on a long flight, I love to get into a good story.” Says one of the flight attendants named Melissa.

8. Moisturizer

Everybody knows the skin always get dry when on a plane. Imagine flying every day for many hours. For the flight attendants, a tube of moisturizer is a lifesaver.

9. Lip Balm

It serves the same purpose as a moisturizer. One of the flight attendants reveals that leaving a Lip Balm at home would drive her crazy and that would be the most annoying thing on a flight she can think of.

12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying Flight Attendant applying a lipstick

10. Bullet Journal

This kind of notebooks is usually used to organize schedule and timing, also to capture and write down the most important moments of work and travels. For cabin crew, this is significant knowing that they might start work in the middle of the night in Australia but finish the day after 40 hours in Paris.

12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying Bullet Journal

11. Exercise Clothes

We as passengers are always surprised how flight attendants manage to look fresh and healthy all the time. Well, they are taking their sports clothes and shoes everywhere they go because there is always a gym in their hotels or at least they can go for a run to keep their body shapes and energy levels high.

12. Phone

A phone is the last but definitely not the least essential for each flight attendant. They always must keep in touch with other crew members. Furthermore, they keep there the main information regarding passengers’ information, restock lists, photos of boarding setups and many other things which are crucial.

12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying 12 Essentials Every Flight Attendant Has When Flying

13. Chargers

When you travel a lot and use your electronics they need to be recharged. And when you're a part of the Cabin Crew, sometimes they will travel across continents. That is why you bring extra chargers for every location possible. And to borrow someone a charger if they need one!


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